Rice N peas talks to Ian Puddick about his peculiar case of having his phones bugged and then suqsequent arrest by Counter-Terrorism Police after discovering that his wife was having an affair with a director of a leading City of London Firm.


How did you find yourself in this situation?

My wife had an affair with a board member of reinsurance giant Guy Carpenter. I understand these things happen and like any person would be, I was upset and angry. I contacted some of the clients of Guy Carpenter and informed them of the character of this particular board member. Shortly thereafter I received threats from a Director of a private security firm called Kroll, he warned me that they had deep, deep pockets and that they were going to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. Shortly after the phone call, my home, office and company accountants were raided by City of London Counter Terrorist and Specialist Crimes Directory whom confiscated all my pc's, phones, sat nav's laptops etc, these were sent to the high tech crimes laboratory for forensic analysis. City Police also worked in partnership with private security company Kroll whom obtained a high court order to tap my company phones, we are plumbers not terrorists, this is an unbelievable abuse of power. Still looking for dirt, City Police also raided my company accountants, whom have nothing to do with any of this nonsense. I have several very serious complaints against the Police, these are still being investigated. It is clear, I've trodden on the toes of power. If my wife had had an affair with the milkman and I called the dairy would I have been raided by the Counter Terrorist Police?

How was it possible for a private company to secure court orders that enabled them to tap your phones and have you arrested by counter-terrorist police in what is ostensibly a civil matter?

That's the million dollar question. It should not be possible, however, it highlights the cosy questionable relationship between City of London Police and private security companies.

Have you made attempts to publicise your case and what has been the response from the mainstream media?

I have written to almost every newspaper, emailed and called journalists. The newspapers have said its interesting (that's all). Richard Littlejohn said that this was a human interest story ie, picture of my wife and I sat on the sofa saying all these terrible things have happened and we got through it.

Do you have confidence in the British judicial system?

Yes, I believe the district judge will see common sense and I will be found not guilty.

You were recently rearrested and bailed. One of your bail conditions is that you remove your website. What happened and why do you believe you were rearrested?

I speak regularly at Speaker’s Corner, I talk about the abuse of police power and the treatment I received whilst in custody. Undercover police officers from City of London police have attended and listened to me. In my interview the officers questioned me at length about my Facebook and Twitter accounts suggesting that I am posting threatening and harassing messages. My issue and complaint is clearly targeted at them, however they are trying extremely hard to twist my complaint as further threats to the ex-board member from Guy Carpenter. The Police tried extremely hard to deny me bail which means I would have been locked up in prison until my trial, this is state sponsored censorship! It seems very apparent that favours are being called in and pressure is being put on the police to get me convicted at any cost. I don’t know how this could possibly be happening in this country?
I have been brought up to respect the Police and authority, this has shattered my belief that the Police cannot be corrupt. If they can do this to me they can and will do this to anyone. I will not stop campaigning until I see justice.

Who do you believe is behind this and why?

I run a successful business and employ twenty people,  however, it is clear to me that I have embarrassed some very influential and powerful city executives whom rather than take the civil route and address any claims that I may have made in the past, they, with collusion from City of London police seek to criminalise me.

You have since been charged with non-violent harrassment and your case is being heard at Westminister magistrates court on the 13th December. What do you intend to do in the event that you are found guilty or not guilty?

Guilty verdict, appeal! Not guilty, seek further legal advice!



November 2010