Libya's Lynching of Black Africans

By Joseph Farah

International Support for Genocide


Barack Obama's allies in Libya have systematically killed black Africans in towns and villages near Tripoli and there is not a word of outrage here in the U.S. – not from Obama supporters, detractors or even the Congressional Black Caucus.

The rebels committing the slaughter also have the backing of  NATO, without which they would not have ousted the government of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, who remains in hiding amid reports that he is preparing a counter-insurgency campaign against the loosely controlled rebels.

One source said, "These are the 'liberators' that President Barack Obama, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister David Cameron helped install in Libya. They all rejected an African Union proposal that would have brought a cease-fire and the warring parties to the table to create a constitution and to hold elections."

The indiscriminate slaughter of black Libyans, some of whom supported Gadhafi, constitutes revenge killings which rebel leaders of the National Transitional Council, or NTC, said are not supposed to be happening. Observers say that a majority of the blacks who have been rounded up by the rebels are migrant workers from the sub-Saharan countries. The number of those being attacked remains unclear. The nation has a population of about 6.5 million, and there are estimates that some 1.5 million workers from sub-Saharan Africa are living in Libya. Nevertheless, what observers report as systematic rape, torture, executions by being shot in the back of the head, lynchings, beheadings and horrific internment is happening to black Libyans principally in the towns of Misurata, neighboring Tawergha and in other small towns in the sub-Sahara populated mostly by black Libyans and people from the other black African countries. In Tawergha, for example, sources say that many of the homes once occupied by black Libyans have been vacated, with many having been ransacked or torched. In referring to the plight of the black Libyans, NTC head Mahmoud Jibril said that "nobody has the right to interfere in this matter except the people of Misurata." But that's a problem, because it is the people of Misurata who are responsible for the ethnic cleansing.

African Union Commission Chairman Jean Ping said that anti-black attacks were one reason many African governments refuse to recognize the new regime as Libya's legitimate government. "Blacks are being killed," Ping said. "Blacks are having their throats slit. Blacks are accused of being mercenaries. Do you think it's normal in a country that's a third black that blacks are confused with mercenaries?"

Videos demonstrate the raw brutality of the violence against defenseless blacks. One reviewed by WND staff shows black Libyan children massacred with their fingers and legs severed.

One exception to the silence in the U.S. is Rev. Jesse Jackson Jr. He has called for an investigation by the International Criminal Court into the killings of blacks in Libya. He also will ask that U.S. assistance for reconstruction and transition to democracy in Libya be conditional.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus has said that his group would be "marching on the White House" if Obama were not in office. Imagine what black Americans would do if they learned that Obama's meddling in Libya has led directly to the wholesale slaughter of innocent black African civilians – men, women and children.


October 2011